5 Professional Ways to Pick a Perfect Niche Blog

You want to create a blog? Difficulty determining the niche? Are you afraid to choose the wrong niche? Okay, three questions it seems to have very often experienced when you want to create a blog. Indeed in this section is the most hardest for the blogger to start blogging. Honestly, I also difficulty in choose a niche. (So, why you create this post if you still difficulty to choose? Never Mind, I just want to Post it) LOL :v *JustKidding

the most important thing to do before starting to create a blog is doing research, doing research is not easy. in this study, you should look for your interest in a topic that you really like. once you find it, you will easily be able to describe your blog that will be created. Now, let’s see our steps How to Pick a Perfect Niche Blog.

5 Professional Ways to Pick a Perfect Niche Blog

There is 5 Ways to Pick a Perfect Niche for Blogging

  1. Look at The Current Trends
  2. Discover Your Interest
  3. Look at Your Competitors
  4. Be confident with your Niche
  5. Follow The Top Authoritative Blogs To Get More Ideas

Step 1: Look at The Current Trends

What is the trend this year? whether this part is important to define the niche? Certainly, the trend is currently becoming one of the most searched topic on search engines. You can see the trends that are most searched on Google Trends.

Step 2: Discover Your Interest

Already knowing trending topic this year? There are many things trending? For example, this year a lot of people looking on Fashion, Smartphone, Indoor Decoration. select one of them!

Step 3: Look at Your Competitors

Congratulations, you have determined niche blog of your choice. Now, pay attention to your competitors! how do I see my competitors? write keywords of your blog on google and you will see your competitors to be defeated with quality content you write.

Step 4: Be Confident With Your Niche

Focus on a niche that you specify, don’t need to think about other niche! This will be the hallmark of your blog, which is only talking about one topic.

Step 5: Follow The Top Authoritative Blogs To Get More Ideas

You have learned the most part. You choose the right niche, learn what’s trending now, Time to maintain your knowledge to keep up-to-date. The easiest way to do this is to follow the blogs that are very trustworthy and of course very popular.

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