5 Most Important Things To Do After Creating a Blog

Congratulation! You’ve made your New Blog. Now, what should we do now? That’s a question that often appears from the newbies. In some cases, many bloggers are lazy to post an article on their blog. Why are they so lazy? Writing a post is not as easy as what you imagine. It takes creativity to determine the words that make sense.

What should I do

“Don’t Rush and Don’t take a long time to Complete a Project.”

There is 5 Most Important Things To Do After Creating a Blog:

  1. Create or Choose a Good Template
  2. Writing an Article
  3. Promote Your Blog
  4. Submit your blog to Webmaster
  5. Improve SEO on your Blog

Step 1: Create or Choose a Good Template

Change your blog template with a more attractive and friendly. The default template blog tend to be rigid and less attractive. So, you must specify or create a better templates for your blog.

Step 2: Writing an Article

This became a major milestone of your blog. Why? because this will be the core of what will be seen by your visitors. Examples the articles should you write:

  • It is interesting to the visitors of your blog
  • Which are the current trends or the most frequently discussed

Step 3: Submit your blog to Webmaster

Register your website or blog to Webmaster. It is meant to index your blog to search engines, Imagine if your blog is not found by Google? Nothing is going to be visiting your blog.

Step 4: Promote Your Blog

Social media is a fitting place to promote your blog. Let your friends and everyone knows if you have a blog (Your friend will definitely see your blog). So, make your blog as attractive as possible to be seen.

Step 5: Improve SEO on your Blog

SEO (search engine optimization) is a way to optimize a search on google, bing or yahoo. This is ways how our article on the first page in search engines, because the articles are arriving on the first page is an article that is often visited.

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